Devil Music

Season : 5
Episode: 4
Directed by: Chris Fisher
Written by: Kate Purdy
Production Number:
Airdate: October 14, 2007
Date of Crime: June 1953
Previous: Running Around
Next: Thick as Thieves

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The team reinvestigates the 1953 murder of a talented and discouraged nineteen year old rock n' roll singer when new evidence comes forth suggesting he wasn't killed in the place where his body was found.


A man losing his eyesight wants to report what he believes was a murder 54 years earlier in 1953.

The murder victim was an nineteen year old old boy, Bingo, whose dream of making it big in rock-n-roll was cut short when he was shot. Despite the length of time the case has been cold, the detectives decide to take on the case. Bingo’s uncle, Ed Valentine, owned the five-anddime where Bingo worked. He appears to be a suspect at first because of his aversion for the wild music Bingo played.

Ed’s son, JP, was a crooner at the same time Bingo was, but he played traditional music, eschewing the racier rock that was becoming popular. When Bingo got a letter from Bandstand to record new music, he believed he had a chance to be a star. But his jealous cousin JP shot him before he got the chance, hoping to keep his family, and the rest of the world, from changing. In the end, JP makes his confession, and the case is finally closed.


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  • Tex Beneke "Dimples and Cherry Cheeks"
  • Wynonie Harris "Bloodshot Eyes"
  • Billy Ward & The Dominoes "The Sixty Minute Man"
  • Big Mama Thornton "Hound Dog"
  • Perry Como & The Fontaine Sisters "Noodlin' Rag"
  • Closing Song: Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling in Love"