Derek Jackson
Derek in 2003
Derek Jackson
Portrayed by Arjay Smith
Episode The Badlands
Status Deceased (2003)

Derek Jackson was a seventeen year old boy and waiter who was killed by his own brother, Tre Jackson because of Tre's fear and jealousy over being caught stealing by Derek and his two other victims, married couple Della and Tom Lincoln who were also Derek's bosses from the restaurant where he worked and they owned. Jealousy was the other motive for the murders when after killing Tom and severingly injuring Della, Derek would try to save Della, for she was still alive, but barely. He would also try to talk down Tre from doing anymore damage by saying he loved him and the Lincolns are also "family". That would throw Tre into more rage and attack Della a final time, but fatally. He would end his rampage by killing his baby brother for he saw the murders and hurt that Derek called the Lincolns his "family".