Delia in 1998
Portrayed by Ana Mercedes
Episode Sanctuary
Status Deceased (1998)

Delia was one of several Colombian women who worked as drug mules for Ramiro, on behalf of drug dealer Cortez in 1998. Delia was doing this to help her son, who was in prison and whose wife had left him.

On September 28, 1998, Delia, along with a younger woman, Ana Castilla, flew from Bogota to Philadelphia after ingesting several condoms full of heroin. Not too long after reaching Ramiro, Delia began to feel ill. After it became clear that one of the condoms had burst, Ramiro had his man Hector cut her open to retrieve the rest.

Delia's murder remained unsolved until 2006, when Hector was arrested for the murder of both Delia and Ana.

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