Deborah 1964
Deborah in 1964
Deborah 2003
Deborah in 2003
Portrayed by Melissa Yvonne Lewis (1964)
Kathleen Lloyd (2003)
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Alive

Deborah was the girlfriend of Daniel Holtz, until she found him and Henry 'Hank' Phillips kissing. They became friends, after he admitted that he loved her, but not as much as he loved Hank.

Danny's mother told them that she wrote the Holtz a very nice letter when Danny died, and the last she heard of her, she was applying to med school.

Years later, Deborah is a doctor, when she is asked about Danny's murder. She told Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens that she believed that Danny was being blackmailed because he needed a chunk of money all of the sudden.

Deborah also tells them, "Danny didn't deserve what happened to him. Even though I was the one who got her heart broken, Danny wasn't cruel, the world was."

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