Davie Shulman 1995
Davie in 1995
Davie Shulman 2006
Davie in 2006
Davie Shulman
Portrayed by Martin Spanjers (1995)
David Clayton Rogers (2006)
Episode Rampage
Status Alive

Davie Shulman was one of the survivors and a former employee (a stockboy at an electronics store) who came out unscathed after the horrifying Woodland Valley Mall Massacre on September 23rd, 1995-A Saturday. The suspects/killers were two of his schoolmates from high school, Cameron Coulter and his best friend Neal Hanlon. Both boys had severe mental issues, but Cameron was the one who would get the most violent about his anger and anguish over being bullied and abused by his and Neal's more popular, admired, athletic schoolmates, one of them sadly being the boys' former best friend, Dayton Moore. The friendship between them would dissolve after Dayton would become close with a group of careless, evil boys who were also athletes; jocks (aka the popular classmates mentioned earlier) as they entered high school. Eleven years later in 2006, back to Davie....he would be accused of being "the third man/suspect" in the attack because he would witness the brutal rape of his crush, Tina and one of his schoolmates by the mentioned boys. Horribly, one of the attackers was her ex boyfriend, Zack. This would INFURIATE him, but he was found innocent of the charge of being an accomplice. His former crush, Tina was not. When questioned, she admitted she was the third suspect. Her reason?: Avenge her attack and make her attackers, including Zack pay!

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