Darren Musk 1999
Darren in 1999
Darren Musk 2009
Darren in 2009
Coach Darren Musk
Portrayed by Reed Diamond
Episode Forensics
Status Arrested

Darren Musk was the mentor and killer of Luke Cronin. Darren was once a promising debate prodigy and had even made it to the national competition in 1987. However, he lost his temper against his opponent, resulting in his disqualification and costing him the national title. Embarrassed, Darren dropped out of law school and became a debate coach. He lied about what really happened, putting the blame on his partner. Twelve years later in 1999, Darren saw Luke debating students of Maynerd Green, the school he taught at. He was deeply impressed with his impeccable memory. Darren offered him a spot on the debate team and a full ride scholarship, which Luke happily accepted. However, Luke didn't anticipate the mounting pressure he'd face, which came to a head when he discovered his father, Stan Cronin was about to commit suicide. Taking the gun away from Stan and calling up Darren, Luke invited him into the car, his father’s he borrowed, showing him the gun and told him what his father had just done. Distraught, he told Darren he’s done with Maynerd. Darren, seeing Luke as his second chance to glory, didn't take this kindly and ended up insulting Luke’s father and went as far to say Luke was throwing his life away. Furious, Luke brought up Darren lies and told him he knew what happened at the national finals and that Darren was "hanging on to victories that didn't exist." Darren kept denying it and is reduced to a screaming mess, and yelled at Luke repeatedly to "shut up!". Not being able to have misdeeds thrown back in his face, Darren grabbed the gun and shot him in a fit of rage. Due to Luke losing his first debate just hours before, the authorities believed it was a suicide until his case was reopened 10 years later.