Danny Yo
Danny in 1983
Danny Yo
Portrayed by James Hsu
Episode Chinatown
Status Deceased (1985)

Danny Yo was a member of The Dragon Boys, a gang in Chinatown, a neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a tough and insensitive young man, like the rest of the members. He would have two encounters with Jack Chao Lu, another young man, but who was more thoughtful and not in a bad group of friends, like Danny. The first confrontation was about the murder of Jack's girlfriend, Tam Sung in May of 1983 during a festival she was performing in. But Jack was murky about his attack on Danny, so Danny would have no clue about what was going on and was very furious about this treatment. But in my opinion, he got what was coming to him! The second confrontation would occur when Danny and other members of The Dragon Boys would kidnap Jack's then six year old cousin, Stacey from her older brother, then thirteen year old Warren's care in August of 1983. She would be safely rescued by Jack when he payed the ransom. Two years later in 1985, Danny would be murdered in the same style as Jack (shot to death) in August of 1983.