Daniel Spyczyk
Daniel in 2006
Daniel Spyczyk
Portrayed by H. Richard Greene
Episode Beautiful Little Fool
Status Alive

Daniel Spyczyk was the president of Spyczyk Shipping in 2006 and the grandson of Felix Spyczyk, who had murdered Violet Polley in 1929.

Daniel found out about the murder during Felix's last days and recorded his confession as part of his life memories, despite Daniel's personal hesitation. He later considered destroying the tape but couldn't, since it was his grandfather's desire, but decided to hide it in his office. Daniel also bought the original murder weapon, a clock, in an auction years later so no one could find evidence of the murder by closely inspecting it but had to give it to the PPD when the case was solved in 2006, since it was both murder evidence and a stolen item that belonged to the descendants of Violet Polley.

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