Daniel Holtz
Danny in 1964
Daniel "Danny" Holtz
Portrayed by Patrick Macmanus
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Deceased (1964)

Daniel Holtz was a former college baseball player. He later was murdered on September 25, 1964 outside of a gay bar by Timmy O'Brien and two of his friends.

He was in a secret relationship with his friend Henry 'Hank' Philips, who went to Penn State with him. When it was discovered he was gay, he quit the baseball team because his team was being verbally abusive to him. Deborah, his girlfriend, also found out when she saw Danny and Hank kissing. But they remained friends until his death.

The night Danny was murdered, him and his boyfriend Hank were walking home and talking about if Danny had told his parents about their relationship. Danny said that he hadn't. They were then assaulted by Timmy O'Brien and his friends, when they threw their Chinese takeout at them.

Hank hid in the shadows as Danny filed a complaint with officer Paul Nelson. Danny later threw the report at Hank and called him a coward before he went to The Hush room.

That night, there was a raid that Anthony DeSica was not warned about, and the police barged in and began assaulting patrons and smashing bottles of alcohol. Danny saw Paul Nelson again before he ran out of the bar.

He was heading home when he was confronted by Timmy O'Brien and his two companions. They chased him through the alley behind the bar, and when Danny tried to defend himself with his baseball bat, they physically attacked him and beat him to death.

Danny is last seen by Detective Lilly Rush, Paul Nelson, Hank Phillips, and his mother in the alley where he was murdered. He smiles and nods his head to Lilly, as she takes his remaining killers into custody. He smiles back at Paul Nelson, and he is joined by the figure of a younger Henry Phillips, and the two share an embrace that his mother witnesses. He is wearing a suit for this scene.

Danny then changes into his baseball uniform, the one he was murdered in, and tips his hat to his mother before walking away.

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