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Dana Deamer 1983
Dana in 1983
Dana Deamer
Portrayed by Sara Arrington
Episode Gleen
Status Deceased (1983)

Dana Deamer was the wife of Rob Deamer, a fire fighter in "Gleen." She was the mother of Gwen and was going to testify against Albert Miller, who was a sexual pervert as a flasher. However, she wouldn't get her chance. On May 19, 1983, she would find a box of Gleen laundry detergent, which unbeknownst to her was an explosive. The moment she came to it, it went off. She layed there dying in front of her daughter, which damaged her. One thing that baffled detectives was that she had a phone call moments before her death but there was no trace of it.

Many, especially Gwen, believed that Albert was the murderer of her mother. But he was never convicted as there was no evidence he was involved. He would get arrested for another offense. Gwen would try her best to have his parole denied and went to Lilly Rush for help, hoping to get him punished for her mother's death. However, as Lilly and the others looked into it, they found things weren't as pretty as they looked for Dana. More importantly, Albert had no indication he hurt her.

They find that Rob was married to another woman before Dana, Adrian Martin. Its unknown if Dana knew about Rob's first wife, but they unfortunately had the same type of relationship with him. Rob was very controlling and possessive during the marriage. Dana often faced criticism from his mother as she would often come and write journals on every move Dana did. Dana, one time got curious and read it, her mother-in-law had written how Dana had an expired apple juice in the refrigerator.

Dana once confessed to Frank Lawson (a coworker of Rob's) that her being there was punishment for taking off her wedding ring when she was out gardening. During the time of their strained marriage, she became attracted to Frank, but both kept their distance as it felt wrong to have an affair. Though Rob didn't seem to know about the attraction, he had felt they were flirting. Her "headstrong" personality was too much for the controlling Rob. As he stated that she "mouthed" off to his mother and didn't like how Gwen was most likely learning to be as headstrong as her mother.

After, Gwen reveals that her father's father was a telephone repair man and had a device to make phonecalls without leaving a trace. Rob confesses he put the explosive in her laundry detergent. 

Dana's spirit was seen by her daughter and Frank Lawson as she passed on.

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