Dan Palmer
Dan in 2008
Dan Palmer
Portrayed by Noah Bean
Episode Two Weddings
Status Deceased (2008)

Dan Palmer was the ex-fiance of Anna Coulson. Originally from Baltimore, Dan fell in love with college sweetheart Melanie and married her during spring break in Cancun. However, Dan, Melanie and Dan's friend Phil ended up drinking on a boat one night, and Melanie fell into the water and nearly drowned. She was saved, but ended up in a vegetative state with little chance of recovery. Dan eventually moved to Philadelphia to try and forget the past, eventually dating Anna due to her resemblance to Melanie. They become engaged, but then Dan receives news that Melanie asked for him. Believing she recovered, Dan called the wedding off and made plans to go back to Baltimore to reunite with Melanie. Phil attempted to reason with Dan and told him that he needed to stay with Anna. Dan was determined to see Melanie again, but then received a call that Melanie died. The nurse explained that clarity usually comes before death. Distraught and grieving, Dan went to the hotel balcony and leapt to his death.

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