Da Chun Lu in 1983
Da Chun (right) in 1983
Da Chun Lu in 2009
Da Chun in 2009
Da Chun Lu
Portrayed by Gina Chai (1983)
Irene Tsu (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Alive

The docile, loving, and protective mother of Jack Cho Lu and Ling Lu and the wife of the now deceased Hong Lu. She would not mind the romance between Jack and Tam Sung, a girl from their neighborhood in Chinatown, unlike her husband. She was the one who brought the case of her son and Tam forward to the detectives in Philadelphia in 2009. The real culprit (murderer) would be later found!: it sadly would be her own last surviving child: Ling Lu, her oldest son and Jack's older brother.

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