Crick in 1938
Portrayed by Unknown
Episode World's End
Status Deceased (c. 1954)

Crick was the fiancé of Penny Centavo in 1938. They married in 1939. They met at the Pallomar Ballroom, where Penny was working as a taxi dancer.

Unfortunately, Crick had a violent streak. His first wife divorced him because he was physically abusive. Crick wanted Penny to sell herself. When she refused, he beat and strangled her. This incident left Penny resentful about her friend Audrey Metz's relationship with Will Paige, and led to her telling Audrey a secret about Will. When Audrey disappeared soon after, Penny wondered if what she'd told Audrey had something to with it.

Despite Crick's attack, he and Penny married and had fifteen years before Crick died of cancer. When Audrey's remains were found in 2007 and was found to have been strangled, Crick was briefly a suspect after detectives learned how he had strangled Penny.

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