Cold Case S03E05 Committed

Season : 3
Episode: 5
Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski
Written by: Liz W. Garcia
Production Number:
Airdate: 23 October 2005
Date of Crime: 28 December 1954
Previous: Colors
Next: Saving Patrick Bubley

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In 1954, 8 year old Otis Petrowski last saw his mother in a mental institution. Now over 50 years later, after the death of an elderly woman who had been using Otis' mother's identity, Det. Rush sets out to discover what happened to the boy's real mother.


A woman's body has been found using the Social Security number of Bettie Petrowski. When her son attempts to ID her body, he claims that the woman is not his real mother, and the team conclude that Bettie was the victim of ID theft. Her son manages to ID his real mother in drawings of "Jane Does" as a woman who died due to a head injury in 1954 and states that his mother suffered from manic depression and was committed by his father to a local mental institution. Bettie had been baking, and during a manic episode almost sets fire to the house, endangering her 8 year old son, Otis leading them to realise she was mentally ill.

Bettie makes friends with the other women in the hospital including Zelda, a woman suffering from depression and Carmen, a beautiful young artist who is committed for not following social convention and is kept in the hopsital by her wealthy family. She also befriends Anton, a young black assistant who works in the hospital. The girls have an art class and decide to drawn Anton nude but are caught by the Charge Nurse, who states that Carmen, who was the teacher, had her "final warning" and was being sent for a lobotomy.

Bettie convinces the charge nurse to let her take Carmen's place in the hope of being cured of her mood swings, as there is nothing wrong with Carmen. The nurse agrees and Bettie recieved a lobotomy and Carmen is discharged using Bettie's identity. However, they are caught and the head of the hospital (now deceased) is outraged and to protect the reputation of the hopsital, tells Anton to cover it up or he will report him for sexual abuse of the patients, for posing nude in art class. Anton takes Bettie outside to the park, and in her catatonic state, she freezes to death and the lobotomy injury is mistaken for a head injury when she is found.

Carmen's paintings are then found in her house and put in an exhibition.


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  • Last appearance of Sarah Brown as Det. Josie Sutton.
  • Last appearance of Kevin McCorkle as Det. Gil Sherman.
  • This episode used some elements from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  • In CSI there is also an episode titled "Committed" and in both cases the investigation is in a Mental Institution.


  • The Crew Cuts "Sh-boom"
  • Thelonious Monk "Bags Groove"
  • Charles Mingus "Haitian Fight Song"
  • Elvis Presley "That's Alright Mama"
  • Abbey Lincoln "Let Up"
  • MasterSource Music Catalog "Midnight Serenade"
  • Messy "Sold Again"
  • Julie London "Cry Me a River"
  • Closing Song: The Platters "Only You"

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