Colette Ferguson 1969
Colette in 1969
Colette Ferguson 2004
Colette in 2004
Prof. Colette Ferguson
Portrayed by Milauna Jemai (1969)
Elayn Taylor (2004)
Episode Volunteers
Status Alive

Colette Ferguson met Julia Hoffman when she had gone in for an abortion and saw her lying on the couch recovering from a botched one. Julia convinced Colette to leave with her and, while being checked up on by Julia the next day, she was taken to the hospital and it was discovered that she had an infection that prevented her from having children ever. Soon after, both Colette and Julia began working for JANE, an illegal, but safe, abortion service. Colette continued working for JANE after Julia's disappearance but never saw her friend and the woman who saved her, again.

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