Cole Palmer in 2006
Cole in 2006
Cole Palmer in 2007
Cole in 2007
Cole "Ares" Palmer
Portrayed by Michael William Freeman
Episode Knuckle Up
Status Alive

Cole "Ares" Palmer was a teenage boy and former classmates/schoolmates with murder victim James Hoffman at Hanford Prep High School. He currently goes to school with Tanner Lennox, a teenage boy who has a very dark and sad life. He was the one who brutally assaulted Martin Jacobson, a then forty two year old father and husband who was trapped in a sketchy part of town in Philadelphia when his car died. Why he did it?: he was in a bad state of mind (he's a drinker and had been drinking heavily that night and felt Martin was a symbol of his dad, so he lost every part of control he had) and he also witness his father callously murder James, while he watched in total shock and disbelief. *TRAGICALLY, Mr. Jacobson lost his life after the brutal assault; died two days later in the hospital. The two boys had a rocky start to their surprising blossoming friendship; Cole was the bad boy ladies man leader of a fight club he and other pupils (all male) organized for fun, but mostly to unleash their anger and irritance over pressures from school and family, like most people have gone through....but their solution to cool down their emotions wasn't and still is the smartest idea. Well...good boy and geek James would be enthralled by the group of tough, preppie boys-made up of "Ares", the god of war and leader of the pack, identified as Cole Palmer himself who possibly started this all to break from the status quo and from his messy and tormented family life (his parents are divorced/his mother cheated on Cole’s father/her husband. Plus, his father is a beater), Tanner Lennox who joined to be let out his hurt and ill will towards his abusive and controlling single father Arthur Lennox (his mother left or died, her status is unknown), three other boys, and James himself as his father, Darren Hoffman, also a single man when his wife/his children’s mother abandoned them became more antsy and curious about his son's future decisions.

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