Clifton Coleman in 1999
Coleman in 1999
Clifton Coleman in 2005
Coleman in 2005
Clifton Coleman
Portrayed by Richard Ian Cox
Episode Start Up
Status Arrested

An investor in Amy Lind's company and the mastermind to her murder. Amy had already grown weary of her business partner Scott Sawyer's extravagant spending and the financial failures of the company. But when she started catching on to the stock cheats that he commited, Coleman decided to get rid of her with Scott's help. He laced a bottle of juice with his medication which he knew would induce a heart attack in anyone not prescribed to take it, as he had done similarly to his wife. He then instructed Scott to give the bottle to Amy so she'd be poisoned. While initially reluctant, Scott decided to do it to avoid jail and get ahead. He met Amy at the dock where she did her morning rowing, gave her the bottle and watched her drink it. Moments later, she suffered a heart attack and died in the middle of the lake.

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