Clayton Waters
Clayton in 1958
Clayton Waters
Portrayed by Ryan Tasz
Episode The Boy in the Box
Status Deceased

Clayton Waters was Arnold Culliver's biological father. He became intimate with Sister Grace Ashley, which resulted in a son. Clayton didn't appear to know of Grace's pregnancy or that Arnold was his son. Sister Vivian helped her "go away" during the pregnancy, instead of reporting her pregnancy to their superior sisters. But most likely Vivian made Grace promise to not see Clayton anymore, a promise Grace could never keep.

When the boys were volunteer for subject testing, Grace would take time to sneak over and still speak to him. As Arnold got older and less adoptable, she went (foolishly) to Clayton for help. Either not knowing Arnold was his son or still pinning for Grace, he shrugged her advice on help with Arnold. Trying to calmly telling her that Arnold was going through a phase. Grace, however, saw differently and asked him about the electro shock therapy Clayton was learning.

Clayton, however, protested it wasn't for children. But Grace reminded him that the therapy worked and it keeped them calm, which is want she wanted. Whether due to their time or Grace's pleading, Clayton eventually gave into Grace's pleas and put Arnold through a electro shock therapy. That would be a mistake, as it slowly killed Arnold.

Ironically enough, Clayton never seemed to piece together that Arnold was his son nor did he seem to question his whereabouts after he was "adopted". Sister Vivian referred to Clayton as Grace's ruin and that she was still in love with him til the day she died.

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