Claire Tate 1988
Claire in 1988
Claire Tate 2005
Claire in 2005
Claire Tate
Portrayed by Unknown (1988)
Brooke Anne Smith (2005)
Episode Family
Status Alive

Claire Tate is the illegitimate daughter of Jimmy Tate and Quinn Ellis, although the father was heavily implied to actually be the track coach of their school, Bruce Johnson, who molested Quinn Ellis in the locker room against her will.

On the day she was born, Jimmy Tate, her father, helped Quinn Ellis give birth to her. Jimmy then left, promising Quinn that he'll be back immediately. Because he never returned, Quinn, fearing that Jimmy had abandoned his responsibility as a father, and herself scared of the responsibility of being a mother, left her in the caretaker's office. In actuality, Jimmy had left to call off the deal he made with the math teacher, Jered Wyatt, to let him adopt her when she was born in exchange for keeping silent about stumbling upon an affair between Wyatt and the school nurse, Laura Graham, having found newfound hope of becoming a father. Wyatt, enraged that his one chance at saving his already fragile marriage was removed, proceded to murder Jimmy by running him over with his car. Angie Parrington, who was both drunk and off her psychosis medication, stumbled upon her when hearing her crying.

The baby, named Claire Tate, was then placed in Child Services. Evidentially because of her status, she grew up to be very cold: often not giving a care about committing actions that were prohibited, such as smoking inside a police building. One day, during school, an unidentified man in a white sedan stopped at her school and claimed that she was her father. The man drove off after some school teachers forced him to leave, although not before telling her that he'll pick her up soon. She later reported it to the Child Services agent in charge of her, who then reported it to the Cold Case division, who then proceeded to reopen the case and identify what happened that night. She was then visited by the man again, this time with the promise of going out to dinner. When Lilly Rush confronted her with the possibility that he is a murderer, she states that she doesn't care, also reacting coldly when she learns about her birthmother.

Afterwards, Claire Tate was seemingly abducted from the school by the man in the white van. In actuality, she willingly went with the man in question. She also left a note stating that they not pursue her or the man. However, they managed to track down her and the man's location, at a motel, via a cell phone transmission. They then arrest the man, revealed to be the track coach Bruce Johnson, for charges of kidnapping, and Tate is reunited with her birthmother, Quinn Ellis. Although Tate initially tries to refuse to go near her, after they both learn what actually happened that night, they embrace each other, and Claire is then raised by Ellis.

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