Chandra Patterson in 1970
Chandra in 1970
Chandra Patterson in 2009
Chandra in 2009
Chandra Patterson
Portrayed by Hope Olaide' Wilson (1970)
Loretta Devine (2009)
Episode Soul
Status Arrested

Chandra Patterson was the best friend and murderer of Billy Sanders. Like Billy, Chandra was a singer trying to break into the music industry, but was heavily criticized by music executives due to her looks. She gave Billy a ride to the bus station, but when Billy revealed he was leaving everything behind to make his own music, she panicked and argued with him. He believed she was upset because they would no longer make music together, but she tells him "It ain't about the record!", revealing she was secretly in love with him. She stopped the car and Billy tried to get out, but Chandra, upset that Billy was abandoning her, grabbed a communion wine bottle and hit him in the head, killing him instantly. Panicked, Chandra sped off and donated the money Billy dropped in the car so anonymously donate for his headstone on his grave.

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