Celeste Church 1997
Celeste in 1997
Celeste Church 2007
Celeste in 2007
Celeste Church
Portrayed by Aviva (1997)
Veronica Lauren (2007)
Episode Stand Up and Holler
Status Arrested

Celeste Church was murder victim Rainy Karlsen's best friend and a fellow junior. She was sadly one of her killers after she had let Rainy die after receiving a fatal overdose of Gamma Hydrobrutrate AKA the drug GHB or "Liquid X", unknowingly by her first killer Becca Abrams, head cheerleader/captain and a senior at her school, Birmingham High School. Becca would hurt Rainy after Rainy made fun of her for the rude and cold girl she was. She would do it for payback/revenge. Celeste would do it because she had to silence Rainy because Rainy wanted to tell school administrators the hazing and cruelness she, Celeste, and the younger cheerleaders were receiving from the older girls/cheerleaders, including Becca.

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