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Carrie Plummer in 1986
Carrie in 1986
Carrie Plummer in 2004
Carrie in 2004
Carrie Plummer
Portrayed by Amy Halloran (1986)
Carrie Armstrong (2004)
Episode Lover's Lane
Status Alive

Carrie Plummer was a then teenage girl who was raped by her"friend" Wayne Larkin's dad, Jim Larkin at age fifteen. She was also friends with Eve Kendall, who was also a rape victim, but tragically a murder victim at fifteen years old and her boyfriend, Mark Adams. She was accused of killing Eve because of her supposed jealousy of her and her "perfect" life: her beauty, having someone to love her (boyfriend, etc.) and the relentless attention she received. But she was innocent and the REAL killer was Jim Larkin.