Caroline Hargreave 1974
Caroline in 1974
Caroline Hargreave 2010
Caroline in 2010
Caroline Hargreave
("Mandy Mae Smith")
Portrayed by Chandra West (1974)
Jane Daly (2010)
Episode The Runaway Bunny
Status Unknown

A black widow who killed her way out of the middle class. Caroline Hargeave killed her first husband to collect the life insurance, then had her second killed to gain more of the same, seducing his lawyer friend into falling for her so he would do all that she said.

Ultimately without any hard evidence she was let go, although to everyone involved it was obvious that she did it, doing little to hide her crimes short of  actually implicating herself, and even winking at Lilly as she left enjoying the fact that the younger woman couldn't arrest her for crimes they all knew she commited.

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