Carlos in 2006
Carlos in 2008
Carlos Ramirez
Portrayed by Michael Davis
Episode Andy in C Minor
Status Arrested

Carlos was a deaf kid, he was the best friend of Andy Rierdan and ironically his murderer. Despite Carlos having a bit of a temper, he and Andy were close friends. But that friendship started to fall apart when Andy began developing feelings for a girl named Emma Walker. Unlike them, she was not deaf, and falling for her was the push Andy needed to find a way to get his hearing back. With his father's approval, Andy and Carlos went to a consultation for a cochlea implant. Andy was chosen as a candidate since he lost his hearing at age 7, but Carlos wasn't so lucky. Since he was actually born deaf, the doctors didn't chose him to be a candidate. Andy received the implant and immediately went to the school's basement to hear himself play piano. Carlos happened to stumble upon him and sees him hear the music. Hurt and jealous, Carlos grabbed the metronome off the shelf above the piano and smashed it against Andy's head, killing him.

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