Carlos Espinosa
Carlos in 1982
Carlos Espinosa
Portrayed by Walter Perez
Episode Bombers
Status Deceased (1982)

Carlos was a Street Artist and Tagger who was killed by Tut because he threatened to reveal to his fellow bombers in Tut's gang that the reason that the gang is the only one safe from police is because Tut was ratting out all bombers who weren't in his gang to the police which resulted in the death of Carlos's best friend.

Life and Death Edit

Carlos grew up with his mother, the latter being dirt poor. His mother had assumed that he was a paint huffer, due to him stealing money from her purse and "doing something with his paint".

She was wrong. He was an artist.

As he lived on the streets, tagging his artist name 'BLAZE' on other tags (notably NRKE's), he stirred up trouble with the leader of NRKE, Tut.

The first time he dare "deface their property" he was beat up, causing the rib injuries that Stillman pointed out on his autopsy report. Carlos eventually met Gina Lopresi, known as Talon for clawing out her abusive stepfather's eyes. He gave her a grafitti tag, with 'BLAZE' within 'TALON'.

While she appreciated the sentiments, the two weren't together, much like Maurice and Crystal of the episode 'Shuffle, Ball Change'.

After that, Carlos would then lose his best friend Leon, whom he dubbed 'Turbo102'. Gina was able to recall his death in full memory.

After losing Leon, Carlos would go on to tag a tribute to him, with stars at his last request, to see stars as in a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. He also tagged a ghostly image of Leon, and his tagger name in orange, red, white, and black 'TURBO102'.

Carlos would then die himself just a week later.

Carlos caught onto Tut's little scheme, ratting out taggers who weren't apart of NRKE, while keeping himself safe. Carlos felt an extra amount of hate, as it was how Leon died.

As Tut confronted Carlos, Carlos let him know about his scheme. At the time, he was busy tagging a "distasteful" (and well deserved) mocking image of Tut, wearing a poorly drawn crown that said, 'KING SNITCH'.

Tut threatened him to take it down, coming along with a bucket of white paint and a paint roller. Carlos refused, telling him exactly what he hated hearing.

Tut then smashed Carlos' head against the very wall he painted upon, causing the skull fracture that Stillman mentioned as well. He then proceeded to "feed" Carlos the spray-paint can, causing him to die of asphyxia later as Tut vandalized his tag of him.

Carlos would be put to rest 28 years later, and appeared to his mother, who was also (metaphorically) at rest. He smiled at her, then walking away as he faded away.

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