Carl in 2005
Portrayed by Unknown
Episode Revenge
Status Alive

Carl was the husband of Janie Stillman, father of Sean, and son-in-law of John Stillman and Rita Hart. Carl and Janie had their infant son baptized in 2005 by Janie's uncle, father Andrew Stillman, with her father John in attendance.

By 2007, Carl and Janie's marriage had deteriorated significantly, to the point of Janie describing herself and Carl as "strangers who live in the same house". Janie had her father watch Sean for a night, while she and Carl attempted to address their problems. Things apparently did not work out well and Janie did not expect their marriage to survive.

It's unclear if Carl and Janie ended up getting divorced. Carl was seen briefly in the episode "Revenge", but did not get a name until the episode "Blood on the Tracks", in which he did not appear.

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