Season : 4
Episode: 22
Directed by: Andy Garcia
Written by: Tom Pettit
Production Number:
Airdate: April 15, 2007
Date of Crime: June 1, 2005
Previous: Torn
Next: The Good Death

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Hoping to track down the head of a human trafficking ring, the detective reopens the case of a murdered longshoreman when they learn his death may be related. They soon discover the man was attempting to rescue a young girl from a life of forced prostitution and paid for it with his life. Meanwhile, Lilly must bring her mother home to stay with her after her drinking takes a turn for the worse.



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  • Channary Dhiet's case box is visible in the bottom left corner when Scotty puts away Mike and the Jane Doe's case boxes.
  • Two lines filmed but cut from this episode. One was Lena asking Lilly a second time if Mike is dead. The other was from a flashback with Lena tearfully recalling that Mike had been from an orphanage too and that she thought they were alone but they could have each other.
  • Two years after this episode aired, Michael Massee (Kiril) played a virtually identical role in a crossover episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: New York, as a trucker working for a human trafficking ring that would rather go to jail than face the consequences of identifying his employers to the police.


  • Stereophonics "Maybe Tomorrow"
  • Oasis "Let There Be Love"
  • Sheryl Crow "Good is Good"
  • Tom McRae "Walking 2 Hawaii"
  • Stereophonics "Rewind"
  • Closing Song: Coldplay "Fix You"

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