Cal Acevedo 1995
Cal in 1995
Cal Acevedo 2009
Cal in 2009
Cal Acevedo
Portrayed by Nate Sanchez (1995)
Lombardo Boyar (2009)
Episode Hoodrats
Status Arrested

Cal Acevedo was the best friend and killer of Nash Simpson. A street kid and skateboarder hooked on drugs, he took Nash, a fellow skateboarder and runaway from Jersey, under his wing. They looked out for each other, with Nash going as far as to bail Cal out of trouble when he was caught shoplifting. Their friendship crumbled when Cal found out Nash got a sponsorship. This led Cal to believe he was going to be abandoned. Wanting a sponsorship of his own, Cal practiced Nash's trick and recorded it. Nash ran into him practicing and tried to correct Cal's mistakes. Cal gave up, and Nash, still wanting to help, grabbed his board and did the trick perfectly. Cal, in a combination of hurt, jealousy and the influence of drugs, grabbed his own skateboard and slammed it against Nash's head, killing him instantly. Cal then dumped Nash's body in a fan and sold the video of Nash completing the trick to Nash's rival Grady Giles, presumably to score more drugs.

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