Bud Lydecker 1969
Bud in 1969
Bud Lydecker 2005
Bud in 2005
Bud Lydecker
Portrayed by Joshua Harto (1969)
Harry Johnson (2005)
Episode Revolution
Status Alive

Ellie McCormick's ex-boyfriend/ex-fiancé, who she broke up with to be with Warren Cousins, a spirited and cool draft dodger she would meet at the wedding of her two best friends, Terry Lucas and his girlfriend/fiancé Suzanne. Of course, Bud was outraged that the love of his life, the girl he's been madly in love since they're were kids (twelve years old) would leave him for "a guy like Warren." So with a broken heart and confidence that her could win her back, he would go to Warren's home where Elenor has been spending time with him and...where he's been secretly stalking her. But his efforts fell apart. Long story...but it was filled with fighting, pleading, etc!

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