Bruce Johnson 1987
Johnson in 1987
Bruce Johnson 2005
Johnson in 2005
Bruce Johnson
Portrayed by Vince Duvall
Episode Family
Status Arrested

Bruce Johnson was the track coach at the high school, and a father figure to Jimmy Tate, due to his father abandoning him, and his mother being neglectful. He also had him go for a scholarship for track.

When Jimmy Tate learned that his girlfriend, Quinn Ellis, was pregnant, and the possibility that he was the father, he considered getting an abortion, and Johnson supplied him with $200 to get it. However, Jimmy later revealed that he wasn't going through with it, deciding to raise the child himself after learning what abortions really are from Nurse Laura Graham. Bruce then insinuated after learning this that Quinn might have slept with multiple boys, and any one of them could have been the father, and claimed that he heard it from some girls. In actuality, the real reason why he knew this was because he raped her in the locker rooms at one point, and he was in fact the only person other than Jimmy Tate who was a potential father to Ellis' unborn child.

Several years after Jimmy's death, he was working at a gym. He arrived at the high school that Ellis and Tate's child, a Child Services orphan and delinquent named Claire Tate, was attending in a white sedan and revealed his supposed relationship to her. He was eventually forced to leave by several teachers, although not before he told her that he'd return for her soon. He was then questioned at the gym about whether he murdered Tate, as well as his ties to the abortion. He then encountered her again and promised to take her out to dinner. Eventually, he managed to pick her up from the school, which was later reported as an abduction. He and Claire then stayed low at a hotel, although a cell phone transmission picked up their location. He was then arrested for kidnapping charges, despite Claire's protests.