Boris Litvack 1994
Boris Litvack 2006
Boris Litvack
Portrayed by Max Van Ville (1994)
Michael Weaver (2006)
Episode Detention
Status Arrested

Boris Litvack was a troubled teen '94 and it almost led to him committing his suicide--if Trevor Dawson hadn't died instead.

Overview Edit

It's May 13th, 1994--Dawn Hill, Raquel Montero, Boris, and Trevor Dawson are all simultaneously put in detention for the day. The day ends in tragedy, as it is subsequently revealed that Trevor had seemingly taken his life.

Fast forward 12 years when the second piece of Trevor's note is found, pinning him as writing that he was in "a scary spot". After finding the note, the team looks over the detention tape that Boris had rigged to loop, creating an effective alibi that would last through that day--and for 12 years.

Months before their detention, Boris, Raquel, and Trevor had agreed to a murder pact that they subtly inscribed in their yearbook in the form of a poem.

Going deeper, Trevor had fallen in love with Dawn Hill--the fourth in their group--and was her secret boyfriend and had been so for a few months. The 3 teens planned to murder Dawn's sexually abusive step-father Phillip, but Raquel backed out, leaving Trevor and Boris to do the deed.

Once there, Trevor convinced Boris to back out, but not before socking Phillip in the balls.

Once back at the school, Boris and Trevor stood on the roof, Boris meant to carry out the pact. Trevor tried to stop him, telling him that he still had a life ahead of him. Boris insisted that his mother, who was hinted at to be an abusive alcoholic, wouldn't care if he died.

Trevor tells him that his mother would care, but Boris refuses to believe him and the two get in a scuffle. The scuffle ends with Boris unintentionally throwing Trevor off the roof and Trevor dying as Boris lets go of the torn note.

Present day, both Boris and Phillip are arrested--Boris for involuntary manslaughter and Phillip for abusing Dawn.

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