Bob in 2003
Portrayed by Rafael J. Noble
Episode The Hitchhiker
Status Alive

Bob was a manager at Roll the Dice Rentals, a car rental business in Atlantic City, where Blaine Robbins worked in 1997.

Blaine took a Honda Accord from the lot on June 8 of that year, using it to track down his cousin Matt Mills, who was hitchhiking home, then shot and killed him in a confrontation.

Bob didn't find out about this, but later saw a gun in Blaine's duffel bag when he came into work. Bob took the gun, turned it over to the police, and fired Blaine.

In 2003, when Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens where attempting to link Blaine to Matt's murder, they visited Roll the Dice Rentals after learning Blaine had worked there. Bob, who was still working there, looked through records for unaccounted-for mileage on cars until he noticed some on the Accord Blaine had taken. He also told them about the gun he'd found and turned over to the police.

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