Bingo in 1953
Bingo Zohar
Portrayed by James Snyder
Episode Devil Music
Status Deceased (1953)

Bingo Zohar was a musician who was murdered by HIS OWN COUSIN, JP Valentine because society was changing and he blamed Bingo who was embracing the changes.

Overview Edit

Bingo grew up in Brandyvinyl, a farm town. He moved to Philadelphia after his parents died in a car crash to live with his uncle and cousin. While in Philadelphia, he had a girlfriend named Miranda Allison, and worked at Valentine's Five-and-Dime.

While working at the Five-and-Dime, Bingo became fast friends with his coworker, Aces Brown, who, was in fact, colored. The two worked the night shift.

Juliana Valentine revealed that Bingo wanted to be a musician. In a flashback to the Philadelphia Talent Show, Bingo performs his own song after JP's quartet 'JP and the Wishing Stars'. It is visibile during the flashback that many were turned off by the start of his song, as raven-haired women walked away, and one of JP's friends even heckled him onstage. He begins to grow into a new, Elvis-like persona onstage and everyone is mystified by his peformance. So mystified in fact, that he gets a steady round of applause for every beat, and the women go wild for the performer.

After a few more flashbacks, it is revealed that Arthur had quit the week before Bingo was killed. In his first interrogation, Arthur reveals the reason: he was tired of waiting on white people and being treated like dirt in return. In the flashback, Bingo is saddened and stupefied that Arthur would quit, and Arthur gives him a harsh reality: society is changing, and not everyone can embrace the changes. Especially not colored people at the time.

When Lily and Scotty finally get their man, it's revealed to be JP Valentine himself. In the interrogation room, JP comes clean about what had happened. One night in the recording booth, JP had nearly scared Bingo to death when he came in. JP accuses Bingo of ruining everything, stating that, "everything was perfect, until you came." When Bingo confronts him with the harsh truth, JP pulls out a shotgun and shoots Bingo in the chest. Bingo falls back, and takes his last breath as the flashback ends.

As JP is arrested, a performing Bingo last appears to his best friend and former coworker, as the episode comes to a close.

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