Betty Sue Baker 1953
Betty in 1953
Betty Sue Baker 2008
Betty in 2008
Betty Sue Baker
Portrayed by Chelsea Hobbs (1953)
Debra Mooney (2008)
Episode Pin Up Girl
Status Arrested

Betty Sue Baker was the best friend of Rita Flynn, a pin up model in the early 1950s. Betty was envious of Rita's success, claiming that everything came easy for Rita, whereas Betty was stuck taking care of an alcoholic father. Betty began to dance at The Red Curtain, a nightclub/strip club, to make money that her father keeps taking from her. Betty was struggling to get by and refused help from Rita.

After Betty's disastrous date, she goes to Rita's house. Rita informs her that she wants to quit modeling to be a photographer, enraging Betty because of her success. Betty is drunk and upset already because the man she went out with didn't want a date, he just wanted Rita's autograph. Upset, drunk, angry, envious, and feeling used, Betty shoots and kills Rita. She wanted Rita's luck, success, and she wanted things to be easy for once.

Betty is arrested for Rita's murder in 2008.

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