Benson Ockley
Benson Ockley
Portrayed by Paul Perri
Episode Static
Status presumably deceased

Benson Ockley was a record company executive in 1958 who repeatedly tried to bribe rock DJ John "The Hawk" Hawkins to play his artists.

Hawkins resisted Ockley's offers, but Ockley had more success with Hawkins' assistant Tim "Bones" Hamlin, whom Hawkins allowed to pick one song each day. Ockley gave Bones money, invited him to a fancy club and set him up with attractive girls (Bones didn't realize they were actually prostitutes) to win him over. Bones accepting Ockley's money to play a song would put Hawkins in a difficult position.

Ockley's whereabouts in 2006, when Hawkins' death was investigated, are unknown.

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