Beau Munger in 1985
Beau in 1985
Beau Munger in 2004
Beau in 2004
Beau Munger
Portrayed by Mat Hostetler (1985)
J.P. Hubbell (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Alive

"Pretty Boy", as Beau was called when he was working for Nevrex, a new finance company, started by wildly popular stokebroker Charles Danville. He worked with two of his coworkers from his old job, Blaine And Sons-Randy Price and Kip Crowley. But the new surroundings didn't seem all to well to Beau when he found out Nevrex was a joke: a fake and the bizarre attention he and the others were getting from Charles: kinda lovey and very physical. He would soon leave and start his own finance company, leaving Kip and Randy, and everyone else behind with Charles. Beau was thought of a suspect because Charles being found dead and the sexual harassment he and others were receiving from Mr. Danville. But he wouldn't kill Charles, he moved on and had a girlfriend; wouldn't want to screw things up. The real killer was Mavis Breen, Kip Crowley's mother.

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