Beatrice Sloan
Beatrice in 1970
Beatrice Sloan
Portrayed by Meagan Good
Episode Soul
Status Deceased (2009)

Beatrice Sloan was the girlfriend of William "Billy" Sanders before he was murdered in 1970. They had met at a local bar and their relationship continued to flourish as they composed music for Ronde Brooks Records (Ronde Brooks was his sponsor). Later on, after Billy was facing pressure from his overbearing father, Rev. Tom Sanders Sr., to discontinue his affiliations with Ronde Brooks, and after learning that Ronde had been taking all the credit (and more importantly, all the profit) for his increasingly popular and groundbreaking songs, Beatrice revealed to him that she was pregnant with his child. Threatening to go public with Ronde's corruption, he managed to coerce enough money from Ronde to "take care of" the child. He decided that he would then head to Washington to escape his current predicament (father, fetus, sponsor) and profit from his beloved music there. However, before he could follow through with his ambitions, he was murdered, and his case went cold for 39 years until it was reopened at the behest of their son, Archie Sloan, in 2009 and solved.

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