Barry Jensen
Barry in 1980
Barry Jensen
Portrayed by George Finn
Episode The Last Drive-In, Bullet
Status Deceased (1980)

Barry Jensen was the first victim of Paul Shepard.

In 1980, Barry was talking to a friend about his impending date with Diane Yates (then referred to as "D") when Paul Shepard interrupted, wanting to hurry and buy popcorn before his favorite movie, East of Eden, began. When Paul told Barry that the classic film is shown every year at the drive-in, Barry tells him that no one at the drive-in is there to see the movie. Paul looks around and sees other people conversing with friends and couples making out. Barry tells him that "no one cares" and gives a shove as he walks away. While putting the top up on his convertible, and Diane in the back seat, Barry is shot.

Barry was shot on June 17, 1980.