Audrey Abruzzi 1919
Audrey in 1919
Audrey Abruzzi 2007
Audrey in 2007
Audrey Abruzzi
Portrayed by Rachel Nicole Hamilton (1919)
Ellen Albertini Dow (2007)
Episode Torn
Status Alive

Audrey Abruzzi was the daughter of Philippa "Phil" Abruzzi, the housemaid to Ambrose and Elizabeth Stone. Audrey grew up in the Stones' house. Both she and her mother were very close to the Stones' daughter Francis Stone (whom Audrey called "Aunt Frannie") until Francis was killed in 1919, when Audrey was only seven.


Audrey's father frequently beat Phil, including once after he caught Phil reading literature on granting votes to women. After Francis learned of this, Audrey overheard the two resolve to join the suffragette movement.

Phil would soon be forced to turn against both Audrey and the suffragettes (who were arrested on trumped up charges) when her husband threatened to divorce her and take Audrey away, as she would lose custody if an all-male jury learned she was a suffragette. Phil apologized to Francis, who resolved to get the suffragettes released. She never got the chance, however, as she was killed in a fall soon after.

The following year, the suffragettes were successful in getting the 19th Amendment ratified to allow votes for women. When Prohibition laws were passed however, the Stones' brewing business was ruined and they were forced to lay off Phil and the rest of their house staff.

Decades later, in 2007, Audrey was questioned by detectives about her late mother's relationship with Francis. Though Audrey was now in her nineties, her mind was as sharp as ever, vividly recalling memories from her childhood. She scoffed at Detective Will Jeffries's suggestion that Francis and Phil had been romantically involved, and explained about her mother and Francis' involvement with the suffragettes. Later, when the detectives learned of Phil apparent betrayal, Audrey explained that her mother had done what she had to for Audrey's sake. When Audrey mentioned overhearing a Sophie Tucker album playing during Phil and Francis' final conversation, however, she gave them the final clue to deduce who was responsible for Francis' death, as Sophie Tucker had been Elizabeth Stone's favorite.

After Francis' case was closed, Kat Miller gave Audrey one of the suffragette forms Phil had read years earlier. Audrey accepted it graciously in memory of her mother.

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