Arthur Lennox in 2006
Arthur in 2006
Arthur Lennox in 2007
Arthur in 2007
Arthur Lennox
Portrayed by Robert Picardo
Episode Knuckle Up
Status Arrested

The father of Tanner Lennox and killer of one of his son's schoolmates/classmates, James Hoffman. When he wasn't neglecting his his son, he berated him constantly, leading Tanner to have a strong resentment of him. As a result, Tanner joined a fight club to let out his frustration. This came to a head when Tanner attacked and unintentionally killed a man, Martin Jacobson one night because he said the man simply reminded him of his father. This was witnessed by James Hoffman who also joined the club to alleviate pressures from school and his own father. James decided to go to the police and Arthur tracked him down and tried to stop him by offering to pay his entire college tuition if he kept quiet. James, unperturbed, told Arthur: "you can take your offer and shove it!" This enraged Arthur who grabbed a metal pipe from some boxes, ran behind James, and struck him in the head repeatedly.

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