Zip Fellig 1953
"Zip" in 1953
Zip Fellig 2008
"Zip" in 2008
Arthur "Zip" Fellig
Portrayed by Todd Grinnell (1953)
John Kerry (2008)
Episode Pin Up Girl
Status Alive

Arthur "Zip" Fellig was a photographer for Monty Moran. He took photos of model Rita Flynn, his eventual girlfriend. In 2008, Zip is still taking photographs and said that Rita was faithful in front of and behind the camera. Zip claimed Rita to be the love of his life, despite their break up right before her death. Zip brushed off the idea of killing Rita because he was jealous over all the male attention she began to receive from her modeling. It became known that Zip had a key to Monty's office, where his gun was kept. Zip never recalled a gun in Monty's office when he was packing up his things the night of her murder.

Zip also brushed off the idea that Rita was quitting modeling to become a photographer. Zip struggled with photographer after Rita died, Valens called him a hack and Rita outgrew him. Irritated by the comment, Zip tells them they were a good team, but Rita ruined it. When Rita showed her photos to Zip, telling him she wanted to be a photographer, he responded by calling the photos ugly. This hurt Rita, but she still envisions a life with him where they're both photographers making it big. Zip doesn't agree, stating that he's the photographer and Rita is the pin up girl. Zip goes even further to offend her by saying that photo journalism requires brains, dedication, and not behaving like a tramp in bars. This causes their relationship to end.

Present day, Zip knew that Rita was better than him, but he could never admit it. Betty was at the studio, before her date, picking out Rita's clothes to wear. When she picks an outfit, he takes a photo of Betty that places her at Rita's apartment at the time of her murder.

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