Arnold in 1958
Arnold Culliver
Portrayed by Lyndon Smith
Episode The Boy in the Box
Status Deceased (1958)

Arnold Culliver was The Boy In The Box. He was believed to have been dropped off at the Fernwood group home for orphans with his "sister", Gretchen.

In reality, Arnold was the son of one of the nuns of the orphanage, Grace Ashley and a doctor who experimented with behavioral therapy, Clayton Waters. She took Arnold to the orphanage with the hopes of his being adopted by a good family, but his unruliness kept him there.

Another nun, Sister Vivian, was the one who disciplined him on a regular basis as Grace was unwilling to. Grace spoke to Clay about using one of his behavior modification therapies on Arnold so as to make it easier for him to be adopted.

Grace brought him into the Institute one night and they subjected him to electroshock therapy which was not meant for children. Arnold developed a fever and died the next day, his last words being meant for Gretchen, saying he'd meet her by the horses (they promised each other they'd meet at a horse ranch on his 18th birthday if he got adopted before her).

Sister Vivian and Sister Grace then took Arnold and left him in the box on the field he was later found in. Grace secretly visited the site every year on the anniversary of Arnold's death until her own death in 2004, only ever seen by Walter Rafferty, the man who found her son.