Angie Parrington 1988
Angie in 1988
Angie Parrington 2005
Angie in 2005
Angie Parrington
Portrayed by Alana Austin (1988)
Kristin Richardson (2005)
Episode Family
Status Alive

Angie Parrington was a former cheerleader and 1988 graduate of her high school.

During her school years, she was outwardly a popular girl. However, she suffered from psychosis, necessitating her taking anti-psychosis drugs every day to keep herself from reacting violently: She neglected to take the pills only twice: The first time on the same day as a pep rally during her sophomore year, and the second during her senior year, specifically on graduation day, the former instance led to her setting a fellow cheerleader's hair on fire. During a routine trip to the nurse's office, she overheard Jimmy Tate, a guy she had a crush on, talk about his dilemma regarding his girlfriend Quinn Ellis being pregnant, and seeking the nurse, Laura Graham, for advice regarding an abortion. Because her parents missed out on her graduation, she got a car of her choosing as an apology. In actuality, she planned to give the car to Jimmy Tate, as a means of winning his favor, after a refusal to sign her yearbook, only to head over to the math teacher, Jered Wyatt. That also ended up being the last time she ever saw him, as he ended up killed shortly thereafter. While drunk, she also stumbled upon a baby that Quinn Ellis had left in the caretaker's office, and presumably brought her into Child Services.

Years later, she was a frequent member of a health club. She was questioned twice regarding the death of Jimmy Tate after the baby she found, Claire Tate, was approached by someone who claimed to be her father. The first time, she explained what she had heard about Graham suggesting against the abortion to Tate, and that they also look into Bruce Johnson, the track coach, as he had supplied the money for Tate to get an abortion in the first place. the second time after it became apparent that her car was seen near the murder scene, which was the same color as the murder vehicle, although she was acquitted of the murder when she reveals that the only other person outside besides herself and Jimmy was Jered Wyatt.


Angie hated taking her anti-psychosis pills, and deliberately stopped taking them after she graduated knowing full well that nurse Graham would not be able to make her take them. Whether she resumed taking them or if she was actually cured of her psychosis by adulthood is never made clear.

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