Angel Perez
Angel in 2008
Angel Perez
Portrayed by Roberto Montesinos
Episode Sabotage
Status Alive

Angel Perez was an illegal immigrant employed as a cleaner by the Philly Sport and Racket Club. While cleaning lockers at the club one day in 2008, Angel found a music box left by Alessandro Rossilini in a locker used primarily by Luke Ross. Curious, Angel inspected the box and opened it, causing it to begin playing John Henry. When John Wojciechowski came around the corner, Angel quickly put the box back and left. Seconds later, the box, which contained a bomb, exploded, wounding John and six others.

Fearing the explosion was his fault, Angel fled the scene and hid in a park, where the police found him a few hours later. Taken into the station, Angel feigned being unable to speak English, but gave up the ruse when Scotty, after speaking in Spanish failed to make Angel open up, threatened to have him sent back to Mexico unless he started talking. Angel told Scotty about finding the music box, and claimed he only ran because he was scared. Reassuring Angel, Scotty told him that he would have to give a full description of the music box.

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