Alyssa Lane 1999
Alyssa in 1999
Alyssa Lane 2009
Alyssa in 2009
Alyssa Lane
Portrayed by Cherilyn Rae Wilson (1999)
Vail Bloom (2009)
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Alyssa Lane was another of murder victim Luke Cronin's schoolmates/classmates at Maynerd Green High School. She would be one of many suspects in his murder because she gave him a threatening note while they're were in the middle of a debate competition. The reason for the threats?: Luke wasn't playing by the rules and he "was ruining her chances to get into college." (The day he died, Luke tried to make an argument from the heart, but it would fail miserably during a round of debate; his change of presenting his and Alyssa's case/argument would irk the audience watching them and everyone else there, especially the judges, one who was a faculty member of UMASS Dartmouth, the college that Alyssa that is determined to attend after Maynerd; high school). But the real killer was Darren Musk, teacher and debate coach at Maynerd Green.

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