Adrian Martin 2003
Adrian Martin
Portrayed by Nadia Axakowsky
Episode Gleen
Status Alive

 Adrian Martin was the first wife of Rob Deamer. They married young and his tempermental nature was at first attractive to her when they married. But after a few years, it became annoying and revealed he had a controlling nature. She reveals to Lilly and Stillman that at times she was afraid of him, especially because of his possessive nature. Her father talked some sense into her and gave her the confidence to leave Rob. She also reveals something very important about him: he wouldn't let her leave without giving their wedding ring back. As she walks off, she admits she had high hopes for him and was disappointed. It's not known if Dana knew of her husband's first wife. But it is know that Gwen knew about her and Pauline when Lilly Rush tells her.

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