Abe Monti
Monti in 1994
Abe Monti
Portrayed by Evan Arnold
Episode Detention
Status Deceased (2002)

Abe Monti was a teacher at Westmoreland High School. He also had a reputation as a drinker. On May 13, 1994, Monti was watching over Trevor Dawson, Boris Litvack, Raquel Montero, and Dawn Hill, who'd been given detention that day.

Despite Monti's efforts to keep them quiet, the four students continued bickering until Monti left and fell asleep on a couch in the teachers' lounge. Monti didn't know the students had staged the whole thing to drive him away. A few hours later, Trevor was found dead in the parking lot, apparently having jumped from the school roof.

Monti later died in a car wreck in 2002.

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