Abbey Lake in 1992
Abbey in 1992
Abbey Lake in 2004
Abbey in 2004
Abbey Lake
Portrayed by Lauren Stamile (1992)
Terri Garber (2004)
Episode Late Returns
Status Arrested

Sister of David and killer of Vanessa Prosser's biological father, Darren Kleeman. Abbey had sexually abused David since they were teenagers, and she still had a strong control over him, even going as far as to help David send checks to Marvin Dobie to keep the abuse quiet. Due to her budding relationship with David, Abbey didn't particularly like Vanessa, and she had a hand in David breaking up with her. When Vanessa tried to get back together with David, he accidently pushed her off the stairs and killed her. He called Abbey, and she helped him cover it up. Years later in 2004, David was a member of U.S. Congress, and Abbey was determined to keep it that way. So when Darren Kleeman began looking for answers to his daughter's murder and became close to the truth, Abbey tracked him down and shot him to death. When the detectives closed in on the Lakes, Abbey admitted to killing Darren and lied about killing Vanessa so David could still have his political career.

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